J402-S146B/J403-S146B压力开关UE原装2022-11-24 09:01:28

J402-S146B/J403-S146B不锈钢压力开关UE原装(J402-S146B/J403-S146B stainless steel pressure switch UE original )


J402-S146B/J403-S146B stainless stess interel pressure switch UE original  J402-S146B range 0-2.1bar wetted material 316 welded stainless stface 1/2NPTeel inner wire zui maximum working pressure 2.1bar withstand pr 2.dual output SPDTXothereters of J403-S146B are the same as those of J402, 3 points of contact output, the disadvantage is that the dead zone will increase. Main parameters of J402-S146B pressure switch Shell level: NEMA 4 requirements;switch output: one, two or three SPDT outputs; 100% can be set separately within the adjustment range; 521-524, 531-534 type: 50% ; 520,525,530,535,570-572 type: 30%; .Theswitch can be connected as normally open or normally closed. Electric rating of electric shock capacity: 15A, 125/250/480VAC, the electrical switch is used for DC power supply, and the electric shock capacity will become smaller. Weight: 3-7.5 lbs;Electrical Connection: One 3/4NPT, two 7/8" diameter knockouts;Pressure Connection: One 1/4" NPT on all models; except S126B-S164B models, 520- 535 type is 1/2NPT, 540-547 is 1/8NPT; UE switch performance characteristics: there are a variety of pressure components and materials to choosefrom, there are reference scales or hexagonal screw adjustments when setting,passed FM certificationadjustable range of400 series pressure is one A series of multi-purpose switches, especially suitable for multi-point output and control. Two-point and three-point settings provide multiple outputs that can be used for alarm and shutdown, early warning and alarm, high/low limit and liquid level control functions. Pressure Switch Type J402; two single pole double throw (SPDT) outputs; internally adjustable, without reference scale.

J402-532 J402-533 J402-534 J402-S144B J402-450 J402-451 J402-453 J402-443 J402-448 J402-449 J402-452 J402-524 J402-525 J402-530  J402-S134B J402-S164B J402-520 J402-521 J402-522 J402-523 J402-531 J402-614 J402-126 J402-574 J402-440 J402-442 J402-550 J402-126  J402-572 J402-358    J402-361      J402-376 J402-610 J402-S126B J402-S137B J402-134 J402-137 J402-144 J402-146 J402-156 J402-S146B J402-S156B J402-270 J402-164 J402-441 J402-454 J402-551 J402-554 J402-612 J402-555 J402-535 J402-570 J402-571 J402-552 J402-553 Pressure Switch Type J403; three single pole double throw (SPDT) outputs; internally adjustable, no reference scale. J403-156 J403-164 J403-146 J403-S146B J403-S144B J403-144 J403-156 J403-164 J403-454 J403-550 J403-S156B J402-16014 J403-126 J403-134 J403-137 J403-449 J403-450 J403-S134B J403-S137B J403-551 J403-552 J403-553 J403-451 J403-570 J403-S126B J403-452 J403-453 J403-358 J403-376 J403-610 J403-S164B J403-614 J403-270 J403-274 J403-440 J403-361 J403-441 J403-442 J403-443 J403-448 J403-572 J403-555 J403-571 J403-554 J403-570  


注:除J402-S146B/J403-S146B不锈钢压力开关UE原装,更多United Electric(UE)型号欢迎电话或在线联系。



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