H100-705-1010-M201UEDPDT压力开关2022-11-24 08:37:45

H100-705-1010-M201UEDPDT压力开关(【H100-705-1010-M201 UE DPDT pressure switch】 )


【H100-705-1010 -M201-UE DPDT pressure switch】 Performance characteristics of pressure switches ● Water column rated low and differential pressure switches ● A variety of optional sensing materials can meet various corrosion Corrosive media needs ● Smooth stainless steel sanitary interface ● Very wide adjustable dead zone to meet pump needs ● Meet UL list and cUL certification and CE standards ● Single point output (SPDT or DPDT) ● Welded stainless steel diaphragm  Pressure switch  One double-pole double-throw (DPDT) output; NEMA 4X housing, epoxy coating; internally adjustable, with reference scaleM405 ATEX Intrinsically safe certified switch contact description SPDT (single-pole double throw): consists of a normally open, It consists of a normally closed contact and a common terminal. DPDT (Double Pole Double Throw): It consists of a symmetrical left and right common terminal, and two sets of normally open and normally closed terminals. Pressure switch selection parameters: 1. Pressure range 2. Max pressure 3. Medium 4. Explosion-proof or not  H100-703-M405 selection parameter table Pressure Switch Model H100: One Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) Output: NEMA 4X Housing: Epoxy Coated; Internally Adjustable. With Reference Scale H100-491   H100-492   H100-493     H100-701     H100-702   H100-15735   H100-703   H100-704   H100-192     H100-193     H100-194   H100-15736   H100-490   H100-705   H100-706     H100-190     H100-218   H100-15733   H100-270   H100-274   H100-535     H100-171     H100-172   H100-15884   H100-173   H100-191   H100-484     H100-494     H100-531   H100-15737   H100-616   H100-680   H100-358     H100-183     H100-184   H100-15732     H100-185   H100-186   H100-564     H100-565     H100-566   H100-15731           H100-485   H100-486   H100-488     H100-489     H100-174   H100-15734   H100-532   H100-533   H100-522     H100-520     H100-521   H100-188     H100-522   H100-523   H100-524     H100-525     H100-530   H100-189 H100-361   H100-376   H100-610     H100-612     H100-534   H100-483    H100-560   H100-561   H100-562     H100-563     H100-567 差压开关   H100K型:一个单刀双掷(SPDT)输出;NEMA 4X外壳;环氧涂层;内部可调.有参考刻度 H100K-544  H100K-543  H100K-542    H100K-541    H100K-540  H100K-548    H100K-548 H100K-545  H100K-546  H100K-547 H117-174   H117-531   H117-562     H117-563     H117-186   H117-491     H117K-548           H117-191   H117-567   H117-564     H117-492     H117-493   H117-185     H117K-547      H117-535   H117-524   H117-184     H117-193     H117-194   H117-490     H117K-541 H117-183   H117-188   H117-189     H117-483     H117-192   H117-566     H117K-542 H117-485   H117-486   H117-488     H117-489     H117-705   H117-706    H117-190   H117-701   H117-702     H117-703     H117-704   H117-565 H117-358 H117-361 H117-376 H117-171 H117-172 H117-173 H117-560 H117-561 H117-523 H117-532 H117-533 H117-534 H117-520 H117-521 H117-522 H117-525 H117-530 H117-484   H117-494 H117K-546 H117K-545 H117K-543 H117K-544 H117K-540 H121-550 H121-552 H121-553 H121-614 H121-270 H121-146 H121-S146B H121-156 H121-126 H121-134 H121-137 H121-144 H121-358 H121-S156B H121-361   H121-376   H121-612     H121-554     H121-555   H121-701     H121-S137B H121-702 H121-450 H121-452 H121-453 H121-454 H121-274 H121-S134B H121-703   H121-704   H121-705     H121-164     H121K-147  H121K-157    H121-S126B H121K-456  H121K-599  H121K-457    H121-S144B   H121-15875 H121K-S147B  H121K-S157B 



注:除H100-705-1010-M201UEDPDT压力开关,更多United Electric(UE)型号欢迎电话或在线联系。



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