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UE不锈钢双点压力开关J402-S137B/J403-S137B(UE stainless steel double point pressure switch J402-S137B/J403-S137B )


UE stainless steel double point pressure switch J402-S137B/J403-S137B  400 series pressure is a multi-purpose series switch, especially suitable for when multi-point output and control are required. Two-point and three-point settings provide multiple outputs that can be used for alarm and shutdown, early warning and alarm, high/low limit and liquid level control functions. J402-S137B Measuring range 0-199.1mbar, wetted material 316 welded stainless steel bellows measurement, process interface 1/2NPT inner wire, maximum working pressure 199.1mbar, withstand pressure 0.3bar, dual output SPDTX2 J403-S137B, other parameters are the same as J402, contact 3 Point output, the disadvantage is that the dead zone will increase. 1. Accuracy: The value indicating the accuracy of the equipment, including linearity, tolerance, hysteresis, repeatability, etc. At present, Nagano's pressure switch has a high precision of ±0.5% FS, and the model is CB33. 2. Large pressure (Max.P): the maximum value of the pressure range. 3. Full scale (FS): The difference between the maximum value and the minimum value of the pressure range. 4. Connection difference (dead zone): It refers to the difference between the switch setting action value and the reset value. For example, when the set value is 1MPa and the actual reset value is 0.9MPa, the connection difference is 0.1MPa. 5. Working temperature: refers to the temperature range where the internal mechanism and sensitive components of the instrument will not continue to deform during operation. Generally, the recommended operating temperature range of the pressure switch is -5~400C. If the temperature of the medium is too high, it can be considered to add an accessory siphon (filling shape) to achieve the purpose of cooling. 6.SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw): It consists of a normally open, a normally closed contact and a common terminal.    DPDT (Double Pole Double Throw): It consists of a symmetrical left and right common terminal, and two sets of normally open and normally closed terminals. 7. Upper limit one contact (normally open): When the pressure rises to the set value, the contact will act and the circuit will be conducted. 8. Lower limit one contact (normally closed): When the pressure drops to the set value, the contact will act and the circuit will be turned on. UE switch performance characteristics: There are a variety of pressure components and materials to choose from. There are reference scales or hexagonal screw adjustments when setting. FM certification. Adjustable range UE switch option M201 Factory setting, need to specify the rise or fall setting M277 Used on the nameplate kPa or MPa as pressure range unit, factory selected. Not applicable to temperature switch M278 The nameplate uses kg/cm2 as the pressure unit, not applicable to temperature switch M405 Conforms to European ATEX intrinsic safety standard M406 Conforms to Russian Gosgortechnadzor flameproof intrinsic safety standard M421 Flameproof junction box, only suitable for Russian flameproof standard M423 ATEX Compliant Flameproof Junction Box M430 Lid Lock M444 Paper Label M446 Stainless Steel Label Pressure Switch Type J402; two single pole double throw (SPDT) outputs; internally adjustable, without reference scale. J402-532 J402-533 J402-534 J402-S144B J402-450 J402-451 J402-453 J402-443 J402-448 J402-449 J402-452 J402-524 J402-525 J402-530  J402-S134B J402-S164B J402-520 J402-521 J402-522 J402-523 J402-531 J402-614   J402-126   J402-574     J402-440     J402-442   J402-550     J402-126  J402-572   J402-358   J402-361     J402-376     J402-610   J402-S126B   J402-S137B J402-134   J402-137   J402-144     J402-146     J402-156   J402-S146B   J402-S156B J402-270   J402-164   J402-441     J402-454     J402-551   J402-554 J402-612   J402-555   J402-535     J402-570     J402-571   J402-552      J402-553 压力开关   J403 型;三个单刀双掷(SPDT)输出;内部可调整,无参考刻度。 J403-156   J403-164   J403-146     J403-S146B   J403-S144B J403-144   J403-156   J403-164     J403-454     J403-550   J403-S156B   J402-16014 J403-126   J403-134   J403-137     J403-449     J403-450   J403-S134B   J403-S137B J403-551   J403-552   J403-553     J403-451     J403-570   J403-S126B J403-452   J403-453   J403-358     J403-376     J403-610   J403-S164B J403-614 J403-270 J403-274 J403-440 J403-361 J403-441 J403-442 J403-443 J403-448 J403-572 J403-555 J403-571 J403-554 J403-570   



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